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Find Professional Packers and Movers Today

Moving can be a stressful and frustrating process. Especially if we try to do everything ourselves. There are options out there for help, but the trouble is finding the right one for your unique situation. At Empire Moving Group we know the struggles that go along with any kind of move you can imagine. 


We’re here to provide the help you need for a successful move. In this post we’ll look at professional packers and movers, what they do and how to go about finding the right services to meet the needs of your unique situation. 

What Are Professional Packers? 

Professional packers are people who specialize in packing for the purposes of moving. They don’t just come and help you load your boxes up into their truck, they also make sure that everything is packed securely so there’s no chance a box will get lost or damaged during transit. 


This typically involves packers coming to your business or residence and discussing the moving situation, the number of items, the destination, and any other particulars that might impact how the items are packed and shipped. 


Next they will painstakingly pack each item by hand to ensure that it’s well protected and nothing breaks or goes missing during the move. They also make sure everything is sorted in an orderly fashion so when you reach your destination, unpacking will be a breeze.


Professional packers will provide all the materials necessary as well. This means not only boxes, but specifically sized and shaped containers for moving just about anything you can imagine. They provide padding, bubble wrap, and blankets for fragile items, and all professional packers are insured to make sure that in the event of the unforeseen happening, your belongings are covered. 

What Are Professional Movers?

Professional movers are experts at transporting your belongings from one destination to another. There are basically two types of professional movers, residential movers, and commercial movers. Each type of mover can either be local or long distance movers. 


Local movers will generally only handle moving things within state lines or within a set distance. 


Long distance movers specialize in moving all your things across the country. Depending on your situation, you may prefer one type of mover over another. 


Residential movers  are used to move household items, furniture and appliances from one personal residence to another. They can assist with the logistical aspects of the move such as when to drop off certain items, where to place them when they arrive or providing storage until the new destination is ready to move into. 


Commercial movers typically handle much larger loads of items such as large office equipment, furniture, delicate equipment, computers and other items or even vehicles. Commercial movers also use larger trucks, larger crews and specialized equipment in the moving process. 


They also assist with logistics. Your professional commercial mover will sit down with you to discuss a plan for your move. This includes the layout of the building, the available drop off locations, any challenges with delivery such as scheduling with the building owner or manager and how the items are going to be placed in the new location once they arrive. They will even coordinate with building management on your behalf to make sure the move goes smoothly. 

Why You Want to Use Professional Packers and Movers 

Professional packers and movers offer a number of benefits over doing everything yourself. First, you have expert assistance to make sure that everything is packed, shipped, transported, and unpacked safely. 


Secondly, you have someone there to discuss how best to manage the move with you including when to drop off items, how to go about finding storage if your move in date changes, and the challenges that come with a large move. 


Lastly, hiring professionals means you can focus on other important things during a move such as work and family. 


At Empire Moving Group, we help provide you with access to the best packers and movers available. As a moving broker and not a moving company, we work for you with our team of industry experts to find you the right moving assistance you need for whatever move you have going on. 


We’ll be there to help you throughout the process, and if your needs change, we’re ready, willing, and able to help you find the services you need. 


Don’t try to handle your next move alone. Get the professional assistance you need to make your move as simple and pain free as possible. 


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