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Moving Companies for Cars and Furniture in Boca Raton

Finding a moving company that can handle more than just boxes of toys and pots and pans can be difficult. What do you do when you have more than just household items that need transporting to your new home or business? When you have large items like furniture, appliances, and cars that need to be moved? You need more than just your typical moving service.


For residents in Boca Raton, knowing where to look for specialized moving services such as moving companies for cars and furniture can feel like a real hassle. You don’t want to worry that your heavy and expensive furniture or your prized automobile will be damaged or lost by hiring just any mover. 


After all, your typical movers just load a bunch of boxes into a truck and drive it to another location. Luckily, there are options. Empire Moving Group is not just your ordinary moving company. 

Are There Moving Companies for Cars and Furniture? 

Most of the time when you see a moving company it’s your typical movers with a box truck that handles normal items. That’s why it’s difficult to figure out where to turn when you have large pieces to move. 


Finding a moving company on your own that has the equipment, technology, and expertise to handle heavy furniture and automobiles can be difficult. Even if you do find a moving company that says they will move furniture and vehicles, what assurances do you have that your precious possessions will be well taken care of? 


Furniture and vehicles have specific needs when being transported that not just any moving company can handle. The last thing you want is your valuable furniture, or worse, your car gets damaged due to ill-equipped or inexperienced movers. 


To find a moving company for cars and furniture that you can trust, you need the help of local experts that know the industry. You need the help of professionals to make sure that your items are packed, stored, and shipped as safely and efficiently as possible.

How Empire Moving Group Can Help With Both

As a licensed moving brokerage with the department of transportation, Empire Moving Group has the expertise to find and vet the right movers for any situation. We guarantee quality by ensuring that we find you only the best and most experienced movers possible with the certifications to move the biggest furniture or the most priceless of automobiles. 


Our services are there to cover you throughout the moving process. We can help from the beginning of the process through final delivery. 


For help with your larger furniture items, we offer professional packing assistance. We can help with disassembly so that all of your furniture pieces are stored away neat and tidy. We even provide padding and wrapping materials to keep everything safe while it is in transit. 


We’ll even be there at your destination to help you unpack and reassemble your furniture so that all you have to do is be ready to use it. 


For your automobiles, we’ll help you find the most reliable and trusted automotive transport carriers that are available so that you have nothing to worry about except waiting for your vehicle to arrive. 


We know that moving is stressful. That’s why Empire Moving Group does everything we can to protect your move and make things easier for you. 


Ready to Make a Move? Contact Empire Moving Group Today

Before you settle for letting any ordinary moving company handle your furniture and automobiles, give Empire Moving Group a call today and see what our licensed professional services can do for you today. 


It’s important to safeguard your belongings during the moving process, so let us be there to help you do that. No one should have to handle everything alone. We’re here for you when you need us. 

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