Dealing with any type of move can be an extremely stressful situation. Between the scheduling and the packing, the juggling of work and family with trying to get the new place ready, all of these things take time, and doing them right can be the difference between a successful move and a big mess. 

No one wants to go it alone. But how do you get the help you need for the entire moving process? Moving is much more than loading a few boxes into a truck and driving to a destination. When you need help with every part of your next move, you need the help of a company that offers full service moving services 

An Introduction to Full-Service Moving Services

What are full-service moving services you ask? To put it plainly, full-service moving services are something we offer here at Empire Moving Group to help you with every aspect of your move. From planning and scheduling, packing and delivering, to unloading and placement, we help with all of it to make your move as simple and easy as possible. 

We help hand-select movers for whatever your unique situation. Residential moves with just a few boxes, office move with incredibly large loads, or even auto transport are all possible with our full-service moving services. Our services don’t end there though. We can help with logistics too. We will work with you to plan your move down to the last detail so that everything gets dropped off right when and where you want it. 

With our help, you’ll only have to lift a finger to tell the movers where to place everything. If the unexpected occurs, we can work to reschedule your move or place your belongings in storage until everything is ready to go. There’s no need to worry about what will happen when you have us on your side. 

What's Included in Our Full-Service Moving Services

We offer a full range of moving services that you won’t find with an ordinary mover in our full-service moving services. Please continue reading for a brief breakdown of the services we offer. 

Auto Transport

Transporting vehicles during a move is another headache that nobody wants to deal with. Whether it’s the family sedan or your prized vintage car, having a reliable way to transport the vehicle from point A to point B will take a lot of stress off of your mind. The trouble is, most movers don’t offer auto transport services. 

That’s where Empire Moving Group’s auto transport services can be a lifesaver. We have industry-certified auto transport specialists who are ready to take any and all of your vehicles across town or across the country so that all you have to do is sit back and wait for them to be delivered to your destination. 

Vehicle transport takes the right kind of truck and safety equipment to make sure your vehicle stays in pristine shape. Don’t trust your vehicle to just any movers. Let one of our experts handle it for a worry-free experience. 

Nationwide Moving Services

When we say nationwide moving, we mean just that. Where other movers are stuck in one state, we can move you from coast to coast without a problem. We have long-haul movers that are ready to assist you with whatever kind of moving situation you have. 

We know that all moves are stressful and that a long-distance move is doubly so. Our long-distance movers can help by sitting down with you to plan a moving schedule and even discuss the floorplan of your new home or business to help make sure every item has its place when it arrives. They can also help with dealing with building managers and scheduling delivery so that it doesn’t interfere with parking or cause issues. 

All of our nationwide movers are fully licensed and insured to carry any size load across state lines. You won’t find that with most local movers.

Local Moving Services

Even a short local move has its stresses. That’s why we select only the best and most professional local movers to handle your move. Local movers should be extremely knowledgeable about the area they service, making your move a fast and efficient process. 

All of our local movers are able to help with all parts of your move too. That way we can take off some of the stress and let you focus on more important things like getting your new home or office ready for the move. Our movers all help with scheduling, packing, loading, unloading, and transport. They even disassemble and reassemble large furniture. Got delicate items? No problem, we provide all the blankets and packing you’ll need for even the most fragile of items.

Corporate Moving Services

Moving an office or corporate building is not like moving a residence. There’s often a lot more planning that needs to be done and the sheer volume of items moved is much greater. This task requires movers with the experience, manpower, and specialized equipment to take on large loads and delicate equipment. 

All of our office moving specialists have the larger trucks and transport equipment necessary for a corporate move. We even work with landlords and property managers to set up the optimal time and location for delivery and ensure that everything is permitted as it should be. This will save you lots of hassle when it comes time to unload everything into your new space. 

Like all our other moves, we offer corporate moving services that are both local and nationwide. No matter if your office is moving across the street or seven states away, we’re ready, willing, and able to make your move a snap. We offer the same packing and storage services for corporate moves as well, so there’s no worry over how to get everything ready for the move or where to put it if the move gets delayed. Our movers will stay with you through the whole process. 

Why You Need to Use a Full-Service Moving and Storage Company

Why shop around for different moving services from multiple companies when you can find all your moving services in one place. Rather than trusting several different service providers for your needs, which can complicate the process, using a full-service moving and storage company gives you everything you need all in one place. 

You can contact one company with any questions, concerns, or changes so that all your answers are in one place. Not only that, full service means you don’t have to worry if plans change or things get delayed, you’ve got every type of mover and storage options right there waiting to assist you. 


Here are some answers to questions we get a lot, as always, feel free to contact us directly.

Because we work with many different moving companies, we are able to negotiate an affordable price based on your moving needs. We will work with you at every stage of the move, from planning, packing, moving, transporting, assembling, and pricing.

In order to ensure a stress-free move, we suggest scheduling your move as far in advanced as possible. We suggest contacting us no later than two weeks in advanced of your desired move date. However, we understand that planning in advanced is not always possible and we will do our best to accommodate our last-minute customers.

Our rates are entirely dependent on your needs. You can contact us through e-mail or phone, and one of our representatives will be glad to offer a personalized estimate of your move.

We understand that plans and dates may need to be adjusted, and we will always help you figure out a new moving plan on a different day. Please be aware that some changes may impact the price of your move. We recommend contacting us at least two days in advanced of your currently scheduled move.

We will personalize your packing experience based on your needs. We can provide you with boxes and bubble wrap for you to do all the packing yourself, or we can pack for you.

We make sure to give you a detailed estimate of your move so there are no surprise charges. If you need furniture to be disassembled and/or reassembled, we will include that in your estimate. If you need last-minute assistance disassembling/reassembling furniture not included in your estimate, we will be happy to help. Please be aware that this may impact the price of your move.

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Why Choose Empire Moving Group

Empire Moving Group isn’t your typical moving company. We have licensed moving brokers with the Department of Transportation. We have industry experts who find moving companies that are able to suit each and every moving-related need you have. From packing and storage to vehicle transport, residential or commercial, local or long distance, we find solutions for it all. 

Besides finding you movers for any situation, we also offer our expert support throughout the process. Every moving and storage company we use is vetted and of the highest quality so that excellent service is guaranteed. We also assist with moving logistics so that movers, storage, and arrival dates are all coordinated to match your schedule. 

If something goes wrong or you need to change your services, we’ll be right there to help make accommodations for whatever problems arise. No move is too big or too small. Before you try to tackle your next move alone, contact Empire Moving Group and let us see what we can do for you.