Corporate Moving

A corporate office moving is the most challenging type of move there is. Because of the scope of the move, there is a lot more planning, scheduling, and physical labor involved than your typical residential move. This is partly because of the size of the move, but also due to a number of other factors that aren’t present in a residential setting. 

Trying to tackle a corporate move by yourself is one of the most difficult tasks you can undertake. Trying to find licensed and insured corporate movers can be challenging too. After all, most of the movers you see are your standard residential movers with the same old two guys and a small box truck. A typical office move takes a lot more than that to make it successful.

Luckily, Empire Moving Group has the corporate moving services you need to make your next corporate office move a snap. 

Introduction to Corporate Moving

If you’ve never had to move a corporate office before, you may be wondering why it is so difficult to find corporate office movers. The truth is, an office move is much more detailed than a residential move and by detailed we mean there’s more to move, larger items to move, and higher value equipment to move. This means that movers have to have larger crews, larger trucks, better insurance, and may even need special equipment just to handle loads of an office move. 

That’s not even counting all the prep work, dealing with property managers, scheduling deliveries in multiple stages, planning the layout of the new office space, and a host of other services that are generally required as part of an office move. When you add together everything that a corporate office move entails, you can see why few movers are capable of handling the job. 

Our commercial movers provide a whole range of services to cover everything you need and then some. 

What’s Included in Our Corporate Office Moving Services

Please continue reading to see a breakdown of our corporate office moving services.

Planning and Scheduling

The first part of a corporate office move involves sitting down with our professional movers and devising a plan for your move. This typically involves discussing the layout of the new space, how much stuff you have to fit in the new space, and where to place everything when it arrives. Having a plan like this will expedite the moving process greatly. 

The next step is to figure out the scheduling of the delivery or deliveries. You may have to move into your new building in stages and our moves are ready to help you through it. This includes getting permission from building managers or landlords in order to facilitate unloading in a safe area without impeding business. We know how tricky it can be to move into a new space, especially if it’s a shared space or one that has a lot of traffic. This step helps make the transition smoother. 

Finally, our movers will help you work out special details regarding the move, such as the need for climate-controlled transport or other special needs. Once these issues have been worked out, the real work of your corporate move begins. 

Packing Services

All of our movers provide expert-level packing services so that you don’t have to handle all the back-breaking labor by yourself. Our movers are equipped to box up items, disassembled furniture and other items, and load them all for you quickly and efficiently. No matter the size of your office move, we have the personnel and the trucks to handle it. 

For delicate equipment, we provide blankets and wrapping to protect it during transit. If there is sensitive equipment that needs special transport, we can arrange that too. Climate-controlled and specialty trucks are available to handle nearly anything you can imagine. 

When everything reaches its destination, we’ll handle all the unpacking, placing, and reassembly, usually based on the plan that was made at the beginning of the moving process. 

corporate moving services
Corporate Moving Services

Local or Long Distance

That’s right, no matter how near or how far your office move is, we’re there for you. We have movers that know your local area and can assist you if you’re just moving a short distance away. But if your move is several states away or even across the country, then we have the long haul movers to help with that as well. 

How you plan and execute your move will have a lot to do with how far the move is. We’ll help you plan everything so that you can get back to doing whatever business it is you do 

Storage Options

The one thing that’s certain about a big move is the fact that at some point, you’ll need to store some of your belongings or office equipment until the move is complete. Sometimes it’s due to a delay in the moving process. Other times you have more stuff than you have space for. Either way, having storage options available will make things much less stressful. 

We have both long and short-term storage options for when you just need a quick place to put things, or for when you need long-term storage for items you won’t be using. We can even provide specialty storage for sensitive equipment, larger items, vehicles, and more so that you don’t have to store parts of your corporate office in multiple places. Instead, we’ll handle all of your storage needs in one place.

Vehicle Transport

Figuring out what to do with company vehicles can be an extra hassle that you didn’t expect. To take care of this need and provide you with extra security, we can provide expert licensed vehicle transport for all of your vehicle needs. 

Whether it’s one car, a whole fleet, or other vehicles that are part of your corporate office move, we have vehicle transport companies with the right equipment and experience to transport them all without you having to worry about a single scratch.

Why You Need to Use a Corporate Moving Company

Like we’ve discussed, there’s so much that goes into a corporate move, you need professionals by your side that can help shoulder some of the burdens and handle some of the work. A corporate moving company specializes in the type of needs that you’ll have when you find yourself relocating from one office to another. 

Between the size of the move and all the special accommodations, a corporate moving company is built to handle these problems and get you back to work in your new corporate space faster and more efficiently than any other mover could possibly hope to. 

With corporate movers, you get the guarantee of a company that is licensed and insured for just that type of move. No worrying whether part of your office will be lost in transit or if the moving company you hired will have enough crew to even get everything loaded and delivered. In short, you need corporate movers for a corporate move, nothing else will do the job as well. 

Why Choose Empire Moving Group

The folks here at Empire Moving Group aren’t a moving company. We are a moving broker that is licensed by the Department of Transportation. This means we have the experience and authority to vet and negotiate with hundreds of moving companies to find just the right one for your needs. 

Not only do we vet every moving company we use, but we are also staffed by industry experts that know the ins and outs of every type of move. Whether it’s a corporate office move, a residential move, long-haul or short, we have the people and the movers for you. Before you go searching for corporate movers yourself or trying to take on the move alone, contact us here at Empire Moving Group and see what we can do for you today.